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Given the 1986 International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives, as amended and extended in 1993 and last extended in 2003, and in particular considerations of the descriptions and definitions of table olives and recommendations on standards relating to essential composition and quality of table olives and for commitments of Members,
Having regard to Resolution RES-3/43-III / 80 of 28 November 1980 on the adoption by the International Olive Council for the unified qualitative standard applying to table olives in international trade under the reference T / OT / Doc. 15 of 2 October 1980 amended slightly in May and in November 1981 editorially and in respect of food additives;
Considering the Decision adopted by the Council 80th Session (Nicosia, Cyprus, 7 to 11 June 1999) for the company to revise the standard adopted in 1980 for table olives for updating and adapting technological and scientific advances and the evolution of business practices;
 Considering the proposal of the Committee olive chemistry and standards development at its 12th meeting held in the framework of the 91st session of the Council (Madrid, 29 November - 2 December 2004),
 The trade standard for table olives COI / OT / NC no 1 December 2004 replaces and repeals the unified qualitative standard applying to table olives in international trade T / OT / Doc. # 15 of 2 October 1980 as revised in 1981.
Members shall, in their legislation, all appropriate arrangements for the implementation of the standard adopted and shall notify these provisions to the Executive Secretariat from their intervention.
Non-members interested in international trade in table olives are invited to take into consideration the standard adopted and to adapt their regulations to the provisions thereof.
Madrid (Spain) on 2 December 2004.

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